Home-Based Learning during COVID-19 Circuit Breaker

As part of heightened safe distancing measures during the COVID-19 circuit breaker period, Super Talent Childcare lessons have shifted to full Home-Based learning on 8 April. Learning was delivered online through ZOOM video conferencing.

Despite the suspension of services, we still continue our operations online to support our children’s learning. Utilising our childcare management system, Little Lives, home-based learning activities and materials were shared to the children and their parents. 

K2 children from Super Talent Childcare (MacPherson 122) had fun with activities and experiments such as making music with cups of water, crafting various forms of transportation out of recycled materials, as well as learning about salts’ effects on the freezing point of water through the Sticky Ice Science Experiment.

K1 children had a fun movement activity, where they did an animal freeze dance. It was definitely a great way to achieve and maintain physical fitness!

The little ones from the N2 classes made their very own sanitiser with water, white vinegar, and salt. They then shared the hand cleaning solution with their neighbours in small pocket-sized bottles. What a sweet and kind gesture, as they show appreciation and care for others, especially during such trying times. You can download the step-by-step guide on how to make hand cleaning solution here.