A few of our parents and kids would like to share their experiences with you! Check out our testimonials below!

Jun Chen enjoys his time in Super Talent Childcare, and under the leadership and support of his teachers in Playgroup, Nursery 1 and Nursery 2, he has blossomed into a bright and lively young boy who often speaks very fondly of his teachers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers for creating such a wonderful environment for the children.

Mrs Ng, Parent of Ng Jun Chen 

Lucas has been enrolled into Super Talent Childcare (MacPherson 122) for six months and I would like to thank the teachers for taking good care of him. We are impressed by his progress. Lucas has learnt social skills such as how to communicate with other kids. He is now more disciplined, chatty and has learnt many new vocabulary.

Thank you for all your dedication, care and love!

Mr and Mrs Lim, Parents of Lucas Lim Zhi Yi 

I love my teachers as they teach us to play and do work. 

Student of Class K2 (2019) Aidan Yeo SUPER TALENT CHILDCARE (MACPHERSON 93)

I’ve been associated with Super Talent for the last 6 years (it was formerly known as Moral Childcare) since Dec 2012 for Megan’s enrolment into N1 and subsequently Aidan’s enrolment into PG in Jun 2014 (Many thanks to Ms Chong for the reserving a place for my child, despite running almost full capacity). 

I’m very pleased with the holistic learning & training approach the centre adopted for both of my kids. The phonics, speech & drama, reading programmes and various outings (KidZania and Singapore Zoo) broadens their learning beyond the usual curriculum. These programmes helped to set a strong foundation for transitioning to the mainstream primary school environment. 

The centre located in MacPherson, which is a mature estate taught the kids to care and show compassion for the elderly by engaging the children in regular activities conducted at the Seniors Activity Centre. 

The strong partnership fostered between the staff members and the parents allow for regular communication on school programmes and monitoring of the child’s development progress/ status. 

I have no qualms to recommend anyone to this centre. Give your child a great start to my kid’s lifelong learning journey !

Colin Yeo, Parent of Megan Yeo (Class of 2012 – 2016) & Aidan Yeo (Class of 2013 – present)

Learning is important chapter in our life. I am fortunate that I had found the right place, right teachers and right pace for my children! I have 3 kids namely, Archer, Angel and Achilles, who had undergone a wonderful learning journey during their childhood at Super Talent Childcare @ Ang Mo Kio.

The school provides adequate knowledge and experience with plenty of hands-on activities. All these activities are observed with safety measures in place. 

I always feel safe when I put my kids in the childcare centre on a daily basis. I believe with all the acquired tools and skills they learnt, it will definitely help them in the next journey that they are about to embark on! 

Thank you so much Super Talent Childcare @ Ang Mo Kio. Overall, I would like to thank some of dedicated staff, Teacher Shariffa, Linda, Sun Jian Hua and our sweet and friendly Admin Miss Lillia! Thank you so much for all the unconditional attention and love you have given to my kids!

Mr and Mrs Ong, Parents of Archer Ong Jun Yang (Year 2015 Graduate), Angel Ong Si Xuan (Year 2018 Graduate) & Achilles Ong Jun Heng (Class N1) SUPER TALENT CHILDCARE (ANG MO KIO)

I enjoy all the activities in school, but I like insects theme the most because I saw how a real caterpillar grew into a butterfly. Tuesday is the best because my school will bring us to the big field at Farrer Park for football! 

I love to come to school because I can play and learn with all my friends. I like to do art, science and writing. 

My teacher is Teacher Shariffah, I like her very much and also the food that our auntie cook makes every day!

Student of Class K2 (2019) Ebenezer Jephthah S/O Venkatesan SUPER TALENT CHILDCARE (ANG MO KIO)

First of all, we want to say thank you very much to Super Talent Childcare. The teachers are very responsible. The centre is spacious, neat and well-organised. Every year, the centre conducts field trips that are fun for the kids and parents. Thank you once again to all the teachers and principals for their hard work.

Mrs Cheng, Parent of Cheng WeiLi (K2, 2019) SUPER TALENT CHILDCARE (MEMBINA)

First and foremost, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the teachers, principal, and staff of Super Talent Childcare (Membina). The teachers are caring, patient and most importantly, they impart moral values through the teachings and provide parents with regular feedback.

The principal arrive in the centre early morning to assist in looking after the children and to help out with the teachers’ work.

We are happy that Super Talent Childcare has recently launched the online parent portal, LittleLives. Parents can easily view photos of their children to understand their child’s learning journey and participation at school events.

Thank you to all teachers and principal for their hard work and dedication in their job.

Mrs Lee, Parent of Lee Hing Wai (K2, 2019) SUPER TALENT CHILDCARE (MEMBINA)

I like going to school because I can learn things. I also get to play with my friends, draw, paint and read story books.

Student of Class K2 (2019) Curissa Yap SUPER TALENT CHILDCARE (MEMBINA)