Merry Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas!


Super Talent Childcare Centre celebrated Christmas Day at the centre. Given the COVID-19 situation, classes held celebrations individually in separate classrooms, with each class participating in a different activity. The K1 class engaged in game and art and craft related to Christmas, K2 class engaged in a game of Musical Chairs and festive games. The N2 class engaged in Christmas themed face painting and dance; the N1 class in art activity- bauble decorating, and PG class engaged in making Christmas cookies. Classes were invited individually to the main hall to engage in a sharing session with Teacher Girlie. She shared about traditions followed on Christmas day, the story and reason behind celebrating Christmas, and invited children in a Christmas Carol sing-a-long, with children using musical instruments. Children also engaged in Christmas Gift Exchange; they gave a present to their friend and received a present in return, following the Christmas tradition.