Racial Harmony Day Celebrations

On 19 July 2019, children from the Super Talent Childcare Centres partook in racial harmony celebrations whilst learning about the 4 main cultures in Singapore.  They learnt the importance of appreciating and respecting the unique multicultural and multi-racial community that co-exists in Singapore. Various booths showcasing the different cultures were set up for the children. The teachers regaled the children with tales and traditions of the different cultures, sharing proper salutations, etiquettes and games.  Dressed in traditional costumes, the kids were eager to sample a variety of traditional foods and sweet-treats, whilst engaging in traditional games.

On top of that, they also had the chance to make traditional Chinese rice balls, Tang Yuan. The day wound down with them singing and dancing to different cultural songs. Acceptance and appreciation starts from young. It is only by inculcating the right ideas and values in our young, that we can continue to enjoy the peace arising from our uniquely mixed, racial and religious community in Singapore.